Emptiness: A Buddhist Philosophy in Pictures


Emptiness: A Buddhist Philosophy in Pictures  is the visual translation through seascapes of a perception-based philosophy. Sanskrit for Śūnyatā emptiness as a practice is different than emptiness as a word.  The word empty from a western perspective implies lacking, nothingness, the emotional correlate of nihilism. Emptiness as a philosophy is the realization that everything is interdependent and impermanent.  When these principles are applied to mediation and contemplation an infinite potential of possibilities can be seen.  To be empty is to be full. 

When you look at the ocean you see that it is full of everything. But why would we describe it as empty even though the ocean is full of everything?  Bodhisattva says even though a thing is full of the cosmos it is empty of a separate existence, a separate self.  That is all things are interdependent.  Impermanence is represented in the varying colors from the passage of the sun and the changing of the tides.

My hope is that the viewer will have an aesthetic and perceptual experience through contemplation.